jack freebob issue

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 15:52:54 GMT 2008

hi all

I am using a terratec phase x24 firewire sound card with an IBM laptop. 
It runs Ubuntu studio, the latest version, I keep it updated.

My problem is that sometimes jack just stops suddenly. It just print 
some crap symbols at qjackctl message window and then I get a Shutdown 
notification there. After this I need to unplug the sound card to be 
able to start again Jack correctly. Sometimes I need to plug/unplug many 
times many times to get it up again.

In general I get almost no XRUNS at all. DSP loads is 16%, realtime mode 
is on, sample rate 48000 and buffer size 1024.

Today I noticed that updatedb process was running in the background when 
I first got this error, and it seems to me that it was not until this 
process finished that I was able to get jack up.

After this problem I decided to test how long it runs before crashing. 
It has been running fine several times for around 30-45 min. Then it 
stops and I need to unplug the sound card again.

any ideas about what could cause this? or any suggestion where i should 
look at? I checked dmesg and I can see some stuff there but I am not 
sure if this is just related to me pluging in and out the sound card. I 
am wondering if there is some background process that I could disable to 
make freebob more stable. I have a live performance in ten days and it 
would be a real pity if jack crashes during it.



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