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Leo germani leogermani at
Sat Jan 12 15:45:37 GMT 2008

> Just curious, is there a reason why you would not upgrade to Gutsy?

hmm.. yes..

Ive been working with multimedia FLOSS for the last 4 years, specially with
video production, and the installation I have of Ubuntu 7.04 with cinelerra
is the most stable I ever got (you know cinelerra sometimes is a pain in the
ass, but I love him)... I dont feel comfortable throwing this system away
for a new version that does not adds anything critical to me that justify
the effort and the risk of the operation ...

... because on this computer is the video editing station of the NGO I work
and it cannot stop.

also because I writing from Santarem - Pará, Amazon Brasil. Here broad band
connection is not that broad at all.. Ive managed to have all the packages I
need on CD (Ubuntu Studio packages plus some packages Ive done like
kino 1.1with quicktime support, etc) so I dont depend on internet to
install other
machines here.

We are now starting to install the system on laptops that are going to
communities around river Tapajos. This community has sattelite connection
and solar enery... We have to have a "everything on CD installation" cause
we cant count with a high speed connection...

ah, of course, on the top of that Im not getting a very good feedback from
people who upgrade to gutsy...

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