Multi-Channel qSynth?

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Thu Jan 10 13:12:12 GMT 2008

Hey, I like qsynth/fluidsynth!!!

I'd use something else if I didn't like fluidsynth so much!! :-)

Disappointed, still.

On Jan 8, 2008 8:17 PM, D. Michael McIntyre <
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> On Tuesday 08 January 2008, Christopher Stamper wrote:
> > So disappointing.... :-(
> Well, I think what you're after is really a weird edge case from the
> perspective of FluidSynth (which underlies QSynth and Fluidsynth-DSSI
> too.)
> That application's job is basically to emulate something like a Roland
> Sound
> Canvas in software.  How many stereo outputs would you expect to find on
> something like a Sound Canvas?  Mine only has one, and that's been true
> for
> every hardware MIDI synth I've ever seen, though I haven't seen them all.
> I think FluidSynth's behavior is reasonable, under the circumstances.
> If nothing else, you might not believe how refreshing it is for me to be
> coming to the defense of something other than Rosegarden for once.  I
> don't
> really care what you think of QSynth in the end, because I didn't write
> any
> of that, and it's not me you're scorning, so scorn away if you really want
> to!  :)
> > I'll have to have multible MIDI devices in rosegarden too, one for each
> > qSynth... Right?
> Correct.
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> D. Michael McIntyre
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