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alex stone compose59 at
Wed Jan 9 13:04:48 GMT 2008

D, no problem at all, and no need for apologies.
It's my first serious look at Rosegarden, and i've been impressed with what
i've seen so far. The 1.5.1 was a bit problematic, but this latest release
is a big step forward. Well done and thanks to you and the team. I do this
full time, (writing classical music) so any foray i make into software tends
to be in depth, and specific to what i'm trying to achieve.

I've located the horizontal zoom easily enough, and yes, it was vertical i
was chasing.
It's early days yet, and just maybe after getting the grid designations
assigned to Numpad KC's, and step inputting, i just might be alright anyway.
After all, no programme is all things to all users. Percentages, lol.
I've yet to find the backgrounds, but i'll have a fishing expedition through
the rose files and see which path i'm supposed to look in. (I'm still new at

Thanks for the input.


Alex Stone.

On Jan 9, 2008 1:56 PM, D. Michael McIntyre <
michael.mcintyre at> wrote:

> On Wednesday 09 January 2008, alex stone wrote:
> > But try as i might, i can't find out how to zoom the matrix editor,
> It only zooms horizontally.  Looking at my working copy, I notice the zoom
> slider in the matrix doesn't have a label for some reason.  It just has
> the
> little slider widget with no explanation beside it.  Odd.  Could that be
> the
> case for you too, and you just missed it, or were you looking to zoom
> vertically?  I'm afraid there's some horrible technical reason why we
> can't
> zoom vertically yet.  I think QT4 will eventually fix that, but that port
> is
> at least a year in the future.
> > or
> > change the background colours in the ME and Main window to something
> > less........white.
> The backgrounds are hard coded, and your only choices are white, or the
> textured background.
> Glad it's working for you otherwise, and sorry about the inconvenience
> here.
> --
> D. Michael McIntyre
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