Rosegarden zoom.

alex stone compose59 at
Wed Jan 9 09:58:15 GMT 2008

This is going to sound really, really, dumb, but i've been unable to find an
answer to this.

I'm trying Rosegarden 1.6.1 in UBS. So far so good, and everything seems to
work ok. (And a thank you and respects to the devs.)

But try as i might, i can't find out how to zoom the matrix editor, or
change the background colours in the ME and Main window to something
less........white. I've been through the manual, and asked around several
fora. The lines in the ME are too close together for me, and opening them up
a little would help considerably. I'm using the standard Gnome window, with
a few tweaks in Kcontrol to subdue the.....white, as best i can. I don't
need a gothic view, just something a little more subdued.

Any help would be appreciated.

p.s. The update works pretty well here in UBS, but i get the occasional
sigrev error, when i try to add a couple of submasters to the existing
layout. Works with a reboot or two.

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