Multi-Channel qSynth?

Christopher Stamper christopherstamper at
Tue Jan 8 12:55:19 GMT 2008

So disappointing.... :-(

I'll have to have multible MIDI devices in rosegarden too, one for each
qSynth... Right?

Well, thanks anyway!

On Jan 7, 2008 6:50 PM, D. Michael McIntyre <
michael.mcintyre at> wrote:

> On Monday 07 January 2008, Christopher Stamper wrote:
> > anything. What's wrong? I'm inputting 8 MIDI channels, and I want 4
> stereo
> > audio channels out, to record with Ardour. Is it possible?
> >
> > Maybe I should just start several synths and use one for each channel?
> :-)
> That's about the only way I can think to get there.  QSynth lets you run
> multiple synth engines on tabs (the icon is a + in the lower left corner),
> and...  Yes, each engine comes up in QJackCtl with a separate set of
> outputs.
> Off hand, doing it some other way with just one synth engine forking to
> multiple outputs would require you to roll up your sleeves and hack some
> source code.  It just isn't built to do that in its current state.
>  Nothing
> else is either.  I didn't spend a vast amount of time tinkering, but I
> don't
> see any other viable approach off hand.
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> D. Michael McIntyre
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