[ANN] New bleeding edge repository for Ubuntu Studio with ardour 2.0-ongoing svn

Cory K. coryisatm at nc.rr.com
Sun Jan 6 14:00:22 GMT 2008

Raphaël Doursenaud wrote:
> Hi all,
> http://archive.ematech.fr is a repository with latest svn revision of
> Ardour 2.0-ongoing packaged for Ubuntu Studio 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). Both
> i386 and amd64 versions of the package are available.
> I'll try to package the latest svn on a daily basis.
> The repository will soon host some new/custom/backported/hard-to-find
> bleeding edge packages for Ubuntu Studio.
> Best regards,
> Raphaël Doursenaud

Ubuntu Studio as a project does _not_ support the use of 3rd party
repos. I'd actually prefer you advertise this as a Ubuntu repo instead.

In Gutsy Ardour is currently 2.1-1. Ubuntu Studio's point as a team was
to handle things like your repo. We intend to backport every stable
release of apps like Ardour to the prior release. We've already done
this once for Ardour and will probably have another update soon.

In the end I'd rather you had come forward to work with us as a team
then to go off by yourself.

-Cory (project lead)

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