Audacity crashes Jack

Javier Tucat Moreno jtucat at
Wed Feb 27 15:45:26 GMT 2008

Hi all!

Audacity works alone, but only when jack is not running.  When it does, 
Jack crashes.

I set Jack and Audacity at 44100 in sample rate, but Jack crashes 
already when Audacity starts. When i go to the preferences it says it 
uses the ALSA:default (using Portaudio v19). I tried to change it to 
Jack (alsa_pcm) but when i hit OK crashes Audacity!

BTW always when i open Audacity i hear a "PLOP!" on my boxes...

$ audacity
JACK tmpdir identified as [/dev/shm]

Das it help?

Philipp wrote:
 >Over all audacity is not a pleasant experience, and it isn't going to
 >get better with hardy since pulseaudio and portaudio don't work
 >together, which means that you have to shut pulseaudio down to work
 >with audacity and alsa.

Is there an alternative to Audacity in this case?


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