gTick replacement?

raydar raydar at
Mon Feb 25 02:17:40 GMT 2008

Thanks for your input, guys. Can't believe I didn't think of just 
plugging one physically into the other!  But that's true, what a path.  
I might as well give Hydrogen a try--bpm are bpm, and I hadn't thought 
of that.  I was playing with it earlier and thinking what a shame, it's 
looks really cool but I have an actual drum kit in the other room and 
might as well learn to play what I want to hear.  Now I have an excuse.

I'd like to give kmetronome a whirl though; I got my latency down to 
21.3 w/512 frames & 2 periods, so I reckon it'll run--but so far the 
sole way I'm able to get any MIDI sound is opening a file in the 
timidity-interfaces-extra gui app I found in Synaptic, so we'll see . . 
. er, hear, if I hear anything (Timidity is there & connected in Jack & 
patchage; I just can't hear it). 

Does anybody have a binary of kmetronome?  I downloaded it, but I'm an 
all-thumbs n00b at building stuff in Linux  and I'm getting some cmake 
errors I don't know what to do with. :P  But heck, again, I bet I can 
run Hydrogen & a few other apps just fine all at once--I've got RAM & am 
not putting a lot of other demands on the system.  (If I knew what's 
good for me, since I'd like to adapt my meager programming skills to 
Linux, I'd just buckle down & figure out cmake here.)


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