Yet another Vinyl vs. CD/Digital debate

Sean Corbett seanbutnotheard at
Wed Feb 20 19:49:04 GMT 2008

>  90% of the best sounding records are made with equipment that would be
>  called outdated today. Where were the realtime-vsts as Todd Runtgren
>  made "Wave" with the Patti Smith Group? What about Laurie Andersons "Big
>  Science? what about The Stooges? Get the record (I mean the real thing
>  in black 12"), listen to "1969", "No Fun" or "We will fall" and you know
>  how the sound of a record can help to make music a classic.

And where were your fancy new-fangled flying faders when Pink Floyd
mixed down Dark Side of the Moon?  Nowhere to be seen.  They did it
old-school, with each member of the band standing around the mixing
console, each with several fingers full of faders, and mixed it on the
fly.  One of the last great recordings to be mixed this way.  Not a
one or a zero anywhere to be found, and it's one of the most
incredible records ever made.


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