Yet another Vinyl vs. CD/Digital debate

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Wed Feb 20 19:27:42 GMT 2008

Compressors can be quite musical;  they make a performance easier to hear in many cases.  Without a compressor/limiter your RMS is quite low vs peaks and your SNR suffers.  Part of the mastering process is to judiciously apply electronic magic here and there.  Are you saying this person didn't equalize?

Christopher Stamper <christopherstamper at> wrote:  I once had a professionally mastered CD. On the CD, it proudly stated something like this: 

"Mastered by *****. Audio signal not passed through any processing device, such as a compressor, at any point in the production or mastering of this disc." 

Amazing isn't it? :-)

  On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 11:15 AM, Hartmut Noack <zettberlin at> wrote:
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D. Michael McIntyre schrieb:
  > On Tuesday 19 February 2008, Karlheinz Noise wrote:
>> And that's assuming modern artists are interested at all. The future of
>> music resides in bedroom musicians. How many of them want to pay $2000 just
>> to have someone master their mixes, when they can do a crappy job with
>> their LADSPA plugins (or cracked VST's) for free?
>> I know I don't.
> Hear hear!  Three cheers for the crappy free mixing job!  It's crappy, but
> it's FREE!

Yeahhh! hooray to those who value their fun and freedom higher than so
called "standards" made up by people who need a reason to charge big
money for helping to meet them.

"Oh yes, people! We invested sooo much for our professional hi-end
equipment - there must be a reason we have spent all the money. Thus we
and we only can make a good sounding record!"

90% of the best sounding records are made with equipment that would be
called outdated today. Where were the realtime-vsts as Todd Runtgren
made "Wave" with the Patti Smith Group? What about Laurie Andersons "Big
Science? what about The Stooges? Get the record (I mean the real thing
in black 12"), listen to "1969", "No Fun" or "We will fall" and you know
how the sound of a record can help to make music a classic.

Plus: set everything else aside there are 2 things that make a good record:

1.) good, dedicated musicians.
2.) enough time to do the right thing and to weed out the 2nd-best of

With these 2 ingrediences you can record a classic and even a top-20-hit
with equipment for not much more then 1000 Euros.
And with free software only.

I mean it ;-)

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