Yet another Vinyl vs. CD/Digital debate

Dave Ricketzz boontooz at
Wed Feb 20 14:03:18 GMT 2008

Most high budget studio productions have been tweeked to death.  I'd much rather hear something with less inherent corporate pressure between the notes.

(BTW:  my home studio is in the garage.  My bedroom has bad flutter echo.)

"D. Michael McIntyre" <michael.mcintyre at> wrote: On Tuesday 19 February 2008, Karlheinz Noise wrote:
> And that's assuming modern artists are interested at all. The future of
> music resides in bedroom musicians. How many of them want to pay $2000 just
> to have someone master their mixes, when they can do a crappy job with
> their LADSPA plugins (or cracked VST's) for free?
> I know I don't.

Hear hear!  Three cheers for the crappy free mixing job!  It's crappy, but 
it's FREE!

This got a big smile out of me, and I don't smile much these days.  Thank you.
D. Michael McIntyre 

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