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Gustin Johnson schrieb:
> Larry Lines wrote:
> |> Cory K. schrieb:
> |> Christopher Stamper wrote:
> |>> Who cares? I'm not using either. Ever.
> |>>
> |>> That's fine stick with your crappy, downloaded, lossy MP3s. ;)
> |>>
> |>> -Cory
> |>>
> |> Vinyl is still the best - I used to listen to MP§ for the last 2 or so

> | Even worse, our ears and eyes are getting used to it.  Almost all digital
> | formats
> | of music have been very bad for quality of music. 

> I have grown up with both vinyl and CD (I am in my 30s).  The crackles 
> and the constant noise irritate me, especially since I do not have that 
> nostalgic emotional connection that _can_ cloud ones subjective judgement.

I never understood what makes people love the crackles. Ever since I
spinned my first record in the early 80ies (cheeeesh - zombies walk the
list again har harr harrrr) crackles and noise where enemy number one. I
accept them as unevitable if I listen to my australian copy of masters
of the universe made in 1974 and bought for less then 20E, but they are
definitely NOT what I like about listening to vinyl!

> A proper 24/96 digital recording can capture the same frequency range as 
> vinyl 

24/96 is not available on CD - if it would be, this certainly would make
a difference. If I listen to a recording I made at  96KHz in Ardour and
compare it A-B with an 44.1KHz/16bit CD I exported from the very same
session the difference is evident.

> (well, it exceeds a human's ability to tell the difference, there 
> are limits to what we can hear)

Frequency range is not everything. Even though 96KHz tend to sound more
brilliant then 44.1 CD the main difference and the one big advantage of
vinyl is dynamics. The dynamics of sonar waves cannot be described
correctly in a simple digital model. They cannot be reproduced exactly
by a microgroove record also but the model of the microgroove provides a
very good analogy - it is similar to sonar waves by its nature.

> and therefore be indistinguishable from 
> vinyl

LP does not sound more brilliant then 24/96 but played with a capable
equipment (stereo plus turntable for about 500E 2nd hand), it can reveal
more room and details.

best regards

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