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Larry Lines larry at
Fri Feb 15 16:30:26 GMT 2008

>Cory K. schrieb:
> Christopher Stamper wrote:
>> Who cares? I'm not using either. Ever.
>> That's fine stick with your crappy, downloaded, lossy MP3s. ;)
>> -Cory
>Vinyl is still the best - I used to listen to MP§ for the last 2 or so
>years, ripped each CD I bought to OGG before I played it from HD since I
>cannot stand the noises from the DVD-Drive but in the last 4 Months I
>exhumed my record player and despite the crackles my LPs are so
>overwhelming better in terms of dynamics and detail, that I tend to use
>compressed files only for audiobooks now.
>CDs I listen to on my car-CD but if I really want to hear music at home
>the black disks are number one again for me...
Yes definitely.  I participated in building a series of studios at a movie
facility.  In the end, the rooms were amazing and we had purchased and 
installed millions of dollars of digital equipment.  One day someone brought
in a turntable and we plugged it into the speakers and played the same album
on CD through the equipment we had just installed.  The CD was terrible in 
comparison.  These advances in digital technology
are still just a shell of the original high fidelity they try to emulate.
Even worse, our ears and eyes are getting used to it.  Almost all digital
of music have been very bad for quality of music.  I can't even listen to an
without wondering the whole time what I am missing.

Larry Lines

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