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> I've been away from the list for a while, so I haven't seen any of your
> posts, but I'll see if I have
> the old threads archived. I'm surprised though, the M-audio ozone "just
> worked" for me, I'm using 7.10.
> What kind of problems were you having? I just bought a generic 1x midi-usb
> interface on Ebay. Is there
> an issue with midi communication over the USB port?

Hi, Adam,

Yes, most Ozone keyboards work better than the sub-version designated
"Academic" on the front panel. That's why the patch was written especially
for it.

There is a six-page thread in Ubuntu Forums about trying to get the M-Audio
Ozone to work; most people have not had it "just work' with Ubuntu.  Page 5
and 6  detail how the extensive tweaks did not work with my particular
version.  Then I took the Ozone and my computer to the January GSLUG
(Greater Seattle LUG) meeting, and two guys discovered the patch online.  It
was the FIRST TIME I ever saw any MIDI working with it; the guy was using
aconnect with TiMIdity in Slackware.  He did not have JACK installed.

These guys then helped me compile and install a patched kernel, but I have
not been able to get it to boot. The original kernel works fine, and I use
the Ozone as the default sound card.  Everything will play audio through it
except Rosegarden, but MIDI is not recognized.

For fun, here's a link to that Ubuntu Forums thread:


I am posting as Aurora.


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