M-Audio Ozone Academic patch

Paul DeShaw pauldeshaw at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 09:14:06 GMT 2008


Some of you may remember my sometime posts about attempting to get the
M-Audio Ozone Academic MIDI keyboard/audio interface to work in Ubuntu
Studio, or any other distro, for that matter.  Some folks in my local LUG
discovered that a kernel patch had been written to allow the MIDI port to be
recognized, and I have spent the last month unsuccessfully trying to boot
the patched kernel.  Someone at the January LUG meeting patched the kernel
on his Slackware laptop, and had TiMidity playing from my keyboard, but I
have not had this kind of success.

Here is a link to something about this patch:


It may be that this is scheduled to become part of the general kernel; I
don't know how those decisions get made.  Seeing "torvalds" in that URL
makes me wonder if  it's a done deal, and that eventually it will trickle
down to Ubuntu.

If this patch is not destined to become part of the Linux kernel, I would
like to know the how to best lobby the Ubuntu Studio devs to include this
patch in a future version of U/S.  These keyboards are likely to become
available on the used market, as they are part of a bundle that Digidesign
is discontinuing.  People who want to get started in Linux audio could
benefit from kernel support for a basic do-it-all USB device that may become
common and inexpensive.

In any case, it would be a good idea for me to learn to apply this patch to
U/S, and I would welcome responses from Ubuntu Studio users who have
successfully applied kernel patches.  Where are the best how-tos and
tutorials for this?


Paul in Seatte
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