Setting up realtime-lsm on Hardy

Sayash Kumar sayash.kumar at
Thu Feb 7 06:36:38 GMT 2008


I followed this procedure for setting up the realtime kernel to use with JACK.

First, i used apt-get to install linux-rt, module-assistant,
realtime-lsm. Then used the standard module-assistant steps of update,
prepare, select etc. to build the realtime-lsm module against the
headers  for linux-2.6.24-5-rt .

But they fail to build with this error message as one of the last few
lines of output

Failed: Security Capabilities not configured as module
Realtime LSM will not work with /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-5-rt
Please rerun 'make config' on the kernel and try again.

Any ideas?


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