FireWire Solo

thomas fisher studio1 at
Sun Feb 3 17:48:35 GMT 2008

On Sunday 03 February 2008 06:11:44 Clinton Morse wrote:
> verymeta wrote:
> > I'm replying to my own post:
> >
> > It works!!
> >
> > And wow, the sound quality with the Firewire Solo is so much better than
> > when I was using an onboard soundcard!!
> >
> > -Katie
> Slightly off topic.  I've been looking at the simple Firewire and USB
> audio interfaces but am curious if anyone knows of any that, instead of
> being a half-rack space sized standalone unit, are a 5.25" drive bay
> sized unit that could be interfaced directly from motherboard headers.
> I'm looking primarily at getting a 1/4" headphone out (with control) on
> the front of the PC as well as a mic input and a guitar input.  I've
> done a bit of searching online and it doesn't seem like that sort of
> unit is out there.  Is there an obvious reason why that I'm not seeing?
> I've even considered gutting one of these units and mounting the circuit
> board and jacks/pots into a drive bay.
> Thanks for any insight... Clint...

   I believe part of the problem is the electronic noise inside the case. Most 
of the breakout box s are appealing to the higher fidelity users. ZZound and 
Sweetwater have a large selection with knowledgeable and helpful personnel.

Hope that helps

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