Ubuntu Studio 64bit

suemac at empire.net suemac at empire.net
Sun Dec 28 21:07:42 GMT 2008


I have downloaded the 64bit version of Studio and installed it on my laptop.

I then configured the 1394 drivers so I could get Jack to see my Firepod.

Then I fired up Ardour and tried recording a couple inputs, In this case, I
just have 440Hz signal source.

Even without Ardour, Jack shows XRUN's.

I never saw XRUN's with the 32bit rt kernel. Are there settings that might
improve this in the 64bit non-rt?

Also, how do I zoom-in in Ardour to see the shape of the waveform. Seems I
zoom so far and then it won't go further.

And, how do I increase the x axis in a track?


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