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  I think that your problem comes from having installed ubuntu in a separate HD.
  Anyway, I recommend you to have a look into google.

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I'm a brand new Ubuntu's last version user. I decided to install it to get involved into these Linux Plataform OS.

I have an Intel processor: 2.13 GHz

Memory: 750 Mb

64 Mb video card

I have Windows XP into one of my HD, I have 2 of them, 80 Gb each one. I installed Ubuntu in the empty one HD. From an ISO image I had downloaded from Ubuntu's Official Page.

After having downloaded the image, I checked it by comparing it by reading the hashes, it matched succesfully!. Then I burned it up!, I installed by using a Cd.

The installation was completely succesfull.

But...when I rebooted my PC (the Cd was previously removed), when i picked up Ubuntu as my OS at starting up...there a message like (initramfs) and a space waiting for me to enter a command. Why? What did it happen? Does always Ubuntu behave this way? Does it have graphic interface??? No?

I trusted Ubuntu, I mean I wanted a safe OS, but I need some help, so please...reply me soonn.

Thank you!.



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