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Ufuk fokusfired at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 11:17:34 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 16 December 2008 11:51:12 Hartmut Noack wrote:
> Ufuk schrieb:
> > Also I need to know if pulseaudio provides better sound quality with the
> > apps. and Jack.
> There is no difference. Soundservers have no influence on the sound
> quality - they just transport, what apps have to offer and send it to a
> soundcard, that has all the influence on quality.
> It is thinkable though, that a soundserver can be configured to
> manipulate soundstreams with FX like EQ or Normalizers in the signal
> path. Such a configuration would be a severe misconfiguration, I'd say...
> Pulseaudio can be configured that way but I strongly hope, it is not and
> will not be ...

Thank you for your clarification of the issues. I think pulseaudio just gives 
more control to adjust volume level of running applications as clients and 
provides a modular configuration compared to just using alsa. Bu I also think 
most of us don't need such control, we can just use a mixer of what we want 
and adjust everything manually (I mean which suits the situation). So, I 
assume that I don't really need pulseaudio.

> > If it doesn't, I will return to alsa and remove all pulseaudio
> > packages.
> ALSA is allways present - it is the very sounddriver, pulseaudio,
> xinelib/phonon and even jack himself are only overlays that use ALSA.
> Nevertheless: if you are into music and pulseaudio interferes with jackd
> in any way, remove pulseaudio: it has nothing to offer for musicians and
> little for desktop audio. With a xinelib that is jack-aware you can
> start jackd as you start your Desktop and close it, as you go to bed...
> It was promised, that pulseaudio should be jack-aware also - is that so?
> I had some trouble with that so I dropped pulse on Intrepid (works
> perfectly well for me...)

I know alsa is always present. But if I don't remove pulse audio packages, 
there can be some misconfigurations (for example, alsamixer uses pulse audio as 
default and doesn't let me to adjust volume, but sure I can do alsamixer -Dhw 
for it, it is not a big deal). And removing alsa also removes ubuntu-desktop 
meta package or ubuntustudio-desktop meta package, though it is not important,  
I really wonder why such an unstable and conflicting thing like pulseaudio is a 
part of the desktop meta packages.

> best regs

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