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  I have a 5.1 sound card with alsa.. if I connect the three cables (green, black and yellow) the subwoofer do not play any sound.. ironically it works when I unplug the yellow cable (which is supposed to be the for the subwoofer/center, I think)

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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 18:29:06 +0200
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On Monday 15 December 2008 18:20:57 Ufuk wrote:

> Hello,

> I am using ubuntustudio-desktop with Intrepid Ibex 8.10.I have Creative

> SB Live 5.1 soundcard. I have never used pulseaudio before and I

> always stick with default alsa driver. I have never got pulseaudio work

> in other Ubuntu releases.


> This time I heard sound from my computer and I wanted to configure

> pulseaudio. I used some tutorials and documentation:

> http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup

> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=789578

> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=866965


> I can now get 5.1 sound from my speakers (mostly). But I also have

> some weird problems.

> 1. mplayer crashes pulseauido when pulse audio used as "ao".

> Pulseaudio immeadiayely disconnects and mplayer hangs with error

> messages. "connection failure".


> 2. When I try to use alsa driver, I only get bad quality sound (no sound

> from my subwoofer (LFE). I get this sound from all applications when

> using alsa, including mplayer.


> 3. In Jack, I also get low quality sound (no basses) when I used

> Hydrogen and other applications. I don't know what to choose as

> devices in Jack settings when using pulseaudio. I set it default like I've

> done before with alsa.


> 4. So mplayer crashes, Kaffeine has short freezes (I don't know the

> reason, it started with Intrepid Ibex when I use subtitles, it has

> annoying really short freezes when each subtitle text appear on the

> screen). may be due to nvidia drivers or something. I tried to use

> movie player (totem?) which I don't find useful, sound is good and

> working but I have some audio-video differences (irregularities) with

> movie player. So the only app. I haven't tried is VLC.


> Any help and/or ideas?

I have recently found that when I open alsamixer with the command:

alsamixer -Dhw

I can adjust the sound levels of wave center, wave LFE, wave surround and can get 5.1 sound when using alsa driver with applications. I tested it with Hydrogen and Jack and also with mplayer.



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