pulseaudio problems

Ufuk fokusfired at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 16:20:57 GMT 2008

I am using ubuntustudio-desktop with Intrepid Ibex 8.10.I have Creative 
SB Live 5.1 soundcard. I have never used pulseaudio before and I 
always stick with default alsa driver. I have never got pulseaudio work 
in other Ubuntu releases.

This time I heard sound from my computer and I wanted to configure 
pulseaudio. I used some tutorials and documentation:

I can now get 5.1 sound from my speakers (mostly). But I also have 
some weird problems.
1. mplayer crashes pulseauido when pulse audio used as "ao". 
Pulseaudio immeadiayely disconnects and mplayer hangs with error 
messages. "connection failure".

2. When I try to use alsa driver, I only get bad quality sound (no sound 
from my subwoofer (LFE). I get this sound from all applications when 
using alsa, including mplayer.

3. In Jack, I also get low quality sound (no basses) when I used 
Hydrogen and other applications. I don't know what to choose as 
devices in Jack settings when using pulseaudio. I set it default like I've 
done before with alsa.

4. So mplayer crashes, Kaffeine has short freezes (I don't know the 
reason, it started with Intrepid Ibex when I use subtitles, it has 
annoying really short freezes when each subtitle text appear on the 
screen). may be due to nvidia drivers or something. I tried to use 
movie player (totem?) which I don't find useful, sound is good and 
working but I have some audio-video differences (irregularities) with 
movie player. So the only app. I haven't tried is VLC.

Any help and/or ideas?


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