cd/dvd-burning very slow

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at
Mon Dec 15 08:56:34 GMT 2008

gusage . a écrit :
>   Hi, I run ubuntu studio 8.04 on an amd64 and the first time I 
> freshly installed it on my computer it behaved like yours. Apps ran 
> extremely slow.. only opening a terminal could take 1 minute.
>   Then, I reinstalled the system and since that second installation 
> everything seems to work normally.
>   The only thing that I did differently between first and second fresh 
> installs was that during the first installation (the wrong one) my 
> computer was connected to the internet and during the second it didn't.
>   Hope that it helps you.
> Gerard.


sometimes, a low work of apps mean a bad install in partition.

many people put large size for swap partition, which is a very bad idea.

with many experience, if your system has 2 Go ram or more, it's no use 
to have a swap partition. Only advanced users in video editing with 
large encoding operations could use a small swap. In every case, 
creating a swap partition larger than 400 Mo have two consequences :

- slow all the system
- destroy too much the hard disk with too many access to the disk.

so for me, swap should not be larger than 400 Mo.

to control your partitions in a terminal,

df -h

Hopes it helps.


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