ubuntu and newer toshiba notebooks

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Sun Dec 7 22:33:19 GMT 2008

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laurent.bellegarde wrote:

> with theses informations, I think this laptop is ok under intrepid 8.10 
> at 99%, and under 8.04.1 at 95% (many be some little trouble to solve 
> with intel wifi).

I am a big fan Intel wifi because their drivers are upstream (part of
vanilla kernel).  What this means is that there should not be anything
you need to do to get wireless working.  My experience with 8.04 (I have
not upgraded to 8.10 yet) has been very good with a variety of Intel
WiFi adaptors.
> There's no info about the sound card, I think it's an intel well 
> supported by Ubuntu, good card for audio everyday but non "strong and 
> powerfull" enough for working with ardour/jackd. But you have to test.
I would not use the Intel audio device for recording, but it is adequate
for mixing and arranging while on the go.

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