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Steve Meiers tekrytor at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 6 19:14:19 GMT 2008

Specifically: "I think that they're still under the impression that Linux/X11 desktops are not a significant force on the desktop computer, even compared to their own minority marketshare."

Excellent point! Here's my "I think" about that; I would bet that total Linux installations already exceed Mac installations in number, with probably Ubuntu having the lionshare of those. I would bet that Ubuntu overtakes Apple in installed base in 2009, if not already the case. With Vista bombing and Ubuntu/Linux rising, the pressure on Microsoft to produce something of value increases daily. I would almost bet that to retain market, Microsoft comes out with a free, minimalist version but free, OS, to host their browser for forcing users to their cloud, apps, etc. As the OS becomes secondary to web apps for many users and providers, just getting control of the medium is going to remain the battle. The OS for most users is fast becoming the printer and the content is like the ink/toner. That's were the real money is and business will do anything, including giving it away, to stay in the game or on top of the game. 

This is exactly what makes Ubuntu so attractive to me, I maintain control of MY system and NOT MS nor Mac. I don't need a media box, I need a computer. I WANT to run specialized local apps for MAKING music and video, not watching it. I don't see the web providing this ability; the demand is not that great, nothing like watching movies, gaming, and MTV.

The big guys are migrating fast to the new medium, the set top media box. Of course I want to media out at times, but that's going to be in every set top before you know it. Actually, it already is. If you marry your media-on-demand TIVO and your PS3, Wii, or X-Box, and you've got the next 25 years of media already - everything but holographics. The only thing stopping it now is our 20th century bandwidth. All us media junkies really now need is fiber (speed) or G-Bit Ethernet access to every house and then we're there. 

But what us real-time musicians and performers need is a rock-solid OS (prefferably open source) with good technical support and affordable (prefferably open source) customizable software, that runs on your favorite hardware and mine - sounds like Ubuntu-Studio to me.


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