-rt kernel for Ubuntu 8.04.1

Thomas Fisher thomasfisher at ak.net
Sat Dec 6 19:08:31 GMT 2008

On Saturday 06 December 2008 08:18:47 am Henry W. Peters wrote:
> I am on dial-up so Ubuntu Studio is, for now, pretty much out the
> window... (?) But I am trying, by bits & pieces to make useable, audio
> for Ubuntu Hardy, 8.04.1. A question for me now is, how do I obtain &
> install the -rt Kernel? & might this work (I have Jack, etc., Ardour &
> Rosegarden)?
> Thanks a bunch for any tips, directions or whatnots.
> Regards,
> Henry
Henry you may want to consider acquiring a set of DVD / CDROM that have a 
fairly comprehensive repository selection. For non-broadband users this may 
be the better choice. The set that I have been using for setting up some 
totally off-line workstations has about 25000 packages to choose from, 
however the administrative problem of dealing with the next upgrade remains 
as a consideration. { Ubuntu is a moving target }. Remember the 32 bit and 
64bit processor considerations.

check out:

North America: for example this set for about $40.00 has disk 1 which would be 
the initial ubuntu 8.04 core, the 7 disk set contains most of the 
repositories excepting some of the legal gray line packages.
Hope this helpful

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