A few problems with Ubuntu Studio

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Wed Dec 3 09:37:11 GMT 2008

John Gardner schrieb:
> Juan Pablo
> I've had a look at the connections section of qjackctl and there definitely
> seems to be something wrong.
> Under the Audio tab, I see;
> ------------------------
> capture_1
> capture_2
> capture_3
> capture_4
> capture_5
> capture_6
> capture_7
> capture_8
> capture_9
> capture_10
> capture_11
> capture_12
> ---------------------
> playback_1
> playback_2
> playback_3
> playback_4
> playback_5
> playback_6
> playback_7
> playback_8
> playback_9
> playback_10

JUst fine ;-)

> So, these are the input and output of the delta 1010lt as expected, there is
> nothing under the MIDI tab, but all of the MIDI information is under the
> ALSA tab.

The MIDI-Tab ist for Jacks very own MIDI-system, that is not supported 
by many apps so far. The ALA-Tab shows the klassical aseq-system, that 
works OK for most devices and applications and is all you need in day to 
day MIDI-work.

> When I start Audacity, it doesn't appear under JACK at all.

Audacity is a Windows/Mac-App that has half-hearted support for jackd at 
best. So it only shows up, if you play something in in it and only, if 
the samplerate of the files used in Audacity matches the samplerate, 
jackd is running with, exactly.
If you need to use Audacity, I recommend to use it with ALSA.

> When Ardour is started, the MIDI connections appear under the ALSA tab, but
> nothing appears under AUDIO tab.

Have you made up a project (maybe using a template) with Ardour?

> ZynAddSubFX, QSynth, Freqtweak and Hydrogen all appear under AUDIO and ALSA
> tabs as expected.

I am pretty sure, that everything works very good :-)

ǵood luck


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