"insulting to advert other distros on another's list"

Steve Meiers tekrytor at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 2 20:59:05 BST 2008

Re: "insulting to advert other distros on another's list"

As a mostly lurker here and yet serious Ubuntu Studio
user and "fan", I think it's very interesting to read about such very
related issues. The statement above is like going to a ball game and
booing another kid on the same team for making a good play. IF these
ideas are somehow threatening to UbSt (intentionally avoiding the use of
"U.S."), it might be wakeup call, but I see it as just some good ideas
that can only make a better UbSt if implemented. Accepting that this
dialog is hosted by Ubuntu, I guess you get to make the rules; but if
you want a Chinese government
style of dialog, why don't you just moderate the messages and thereby
filter what members can post and read. Wouldn't that be nice?

don't know any of the posters, and maybe one or the other has a history
of self-promotion - so my apologies if Cory is just practicing good
policing. I still think a mention of other related distros and a
link is not inappropriate. IMO, integrating good ideas into UbSt should
always be a welcome diversion.

Steve Meiers

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