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here is the ReadMe file:

Welcome to JACK, the Jack Audio Connection Kit.

Please see the website (http://jackit.sf.net/) for more information.

NOTE: If you are using reiserfs or ext3fs or anything except ext2fs
for the directory where JACK puts its temporary files (/tmp by
default), then the JACK team recommends that you do *one* of the


Mount a tmpfs on /tmp.  You should have a lot of swap space available
in case some programs try to write very large files there.
In your /etc/fstab add a line:

   none        /tmp    tmpfs   defaults        0       0

 You'll probably want to reboot here, or kill X then 'mount /tmp'.

---- OR ----

Alternatively, you can do this without affecting your /tmp:

# mkdir /mnt/ramfs

[edit /etc/fstab and add the following line]
 none       /mnt/ramfs      tmpfs      defaults  0 0

Then add --with-default-tmpdir=/mnt/ramfs to the JACK configure
line when you build it.  No clients need to be recompiled.


Failure to do one of these could lead to extremely poor performance from
since its normal operation will cause bursts of disk I/O that are
completely unnecessary. This suggestion can also be used by ext2fs
users if they wish.

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 12:24 PM, simone www.io-sound.org <cimo75 at gmail.com>

> hallo
> trying to reinstall jack and jack-rack to get midi support for jack-rack i
> eventually ended up messing up jack which won t start anymore.
> i think i will reinstall the whole system cause i don t really know how to
> fix it but in the jackit readme dile in the source i ve read that for best
> performance jackit should have it s own "swap" directory where to write
> files and that the best option is to choose ext2 as file system.
> Can anybody point me out in the right direction about this?
> Simone
> --
> .wmv , .wma , .pps along with all proprietary Windows formats won t be
> accepted and/or viewed.

.wmv , .wma , .pps along with all proprietary Windows formats won t be
accepted and/or viewed.
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