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Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 14:20:32 +0200From: cimo75 at gmail.comTo: Ubuntu-Studio-users at lists.ubuntu.comSubject: compressor?ok next step is finding out a good compressor, something very easy mono compressor mainly for microphone.. what s your favorite one?Simone-- You know, If your LAPSDA plugins are working... just dig in there for any effects, its a gold mine...(ok maybe a copper mine, some of that stuff is ummmmm shaky?)
my favorite is SC4 mono or stereo....does the job... and as long as you dont squeeeeeeeeeeeze the @#$$% out of your waves, its relatively transparent.  
I gotta say though... its ok for drum overheads, and mild vocal compression, but if you want a compressor that makes your vocal tracks "jump out", get an external box.  im a LOUD kind of guy, so I swear only by joe meek. Goddam I love that box !  12:1 on a hard knee and a bit of makeup gain... and BAM, youre in front!
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