Custom UbuntuStudio-Audio

Daniel Green octoberdan at
Fri Apr 25 14:22:04 BST 2008


I've been trying to lure my producer friend away from Windows and
Ableton Live and towards UbuntuStudio and Ardour2. However, I want to
eliminate the need for post-install tweaking (like setting up the
realtime kernel and memory locking permissions). I also wanted to
experiment with a "pure" jack environment where jack (and the
connection kit) start up by default and applications are already
configured to use it. As this is intended for a machine devoted only
to recording and production, I'd also want to do some streamlining.
For starters, no compiz or effects (the ubuntustudio theme, however,
is a necessity). I would also like to assemble a collection of online
tutorials and documentation and store them locally as the machine will
not have internet access.  I'd love to get him on the bandwagon! If
all else fails, at least this will be a fantastic learning experience.

So now I'm trying to figure out the best approach to delivering this
little abomination I have planned. Ideally it'll be something that
others can benefit from as well...

I look forward to hearing your suggestions and feedback,

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