Audacity recording choppy

Fred Schuelzky phredsky at
Tue Apr 22 13:52:27 BST 2008

altern wrote:
> Fred Schuelzky(e)k dio:
>> altern wrote:
>>> Fred Schuelzky(e)k dio:
>>>> Hi
>>>> 	After a week and a half I finally have audacity running at least it 
>>>> monitors. The recording is very choppy.
>>>> 	It does record well under win xp,  but I want it to work with kubuntu.
>>>> 	So far I have checked the mechanical stuff, usb cord. All 3 cords I 
>>>> tried worked. Researched the Audacity forum and the Kubuntu forum. Tried 
>>>> it with the rca output into the sound card, that makes a lot of noise 
>>>> and nothing else. I've tried adjusting the preamp gain, I didn't see any 
>>>> change there. In the software preferences under latency I have tried 
>>>> different audio buffer settings.
>>>> Here is my setup:
>>>> Amd Semperon  1200le
>>>> 1600 mzh.
>>>> 1 gig ddr2
>>>> Sound card Nvidia realtek ALC662 rev1
>>>> KUBUNTU 7.10
>>>> Numark TTXUSB turntable
>>>> Audacity 1.3.3 d/l from repositories
>>> i would try to use another software to record in order to see if the 
>>> problems are coming from audacity or from the system.
>>> enrike
>> Thanks for following up my message Enrike
>> 	I'm not sure of any other software that I could try as an alternative, 
>> I will try and remove and reload Audacity from the rpos I might have a 
>> bad copy.  The copy of windows Audacity an earlier version, and it does 
>> work.
> you could try gRecorder, Rezound, Ardour. gRecorder is the simplest I guess
> you are not using Jack to route the audio to Audacity, are you?

	Audacity is my first experimentation with Linux audio software. I'll 
search for the titles you mentioned this evening after work.

Many thanks

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