studio live from a USB?

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Wed Apr 9 10:25:32 BST 2008

On Wed, 09 Apr 2008 10:38:20 +0200
altern <altern2 at> wrote:

> hi all
> is if possible to have Ubuntu Stidio as a liveCD booting from a USB 
> drive? I have a laptop with no cd drive. That would be nice to be
> able to install the system there. Otherwise I guess the best way to
> get Studio there would be to install normal Ubuntu from livecd on USB
> and then upgrade to Studio.
> thanks for tips
> enrike

There is and probably won't be a live-CD Version of ubuntu studio, but
I would guess that the ubuntu studio dvd could be booted from a
usb-stick in the same way.
I've never done that, but there are probably lots of guides around.

Installing normal ubuntu and adding the studio stuff would probably work
as well, I don't know if there are any differences besides the
additional packages that you will get with a default ubuntu install.


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