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hollunder at gmx.at hollunder at gmx.at
Fri Apr 4 00:23:17 BST 2008

Ok, I wasn't clear enough on some points, here it comes.

> > The colour set still causes problems, klick any of the 'unlock'
> > buttons and on 'advanced' or whatever it was, and you will see a
> > dark-blue link on dark-grey background, unreadable.
> >   
> I'm not sure what you mean. Steps to reproduce?

Try: main menu -> system -> administration -> network  Press the 'Unlock' Button and then on 'Details'.
You should see something unreadable next to 'Action:'

> > I noticed that the ubuntu studio theme has the black background as
> > default, not one of the custom made ones.
> >   
> I'm not seeing this at all. Could you be more specific?

I was talking about the 'Appearance' dialogue. Fun thing is that it is gone now, the default is the mixing console now.

> > jackd could have saner default settings, for example the rt-option
> > could be set as default, periods to 3, .. whatever.
> >   
> Might be something we could do foe Intrepid *but* this is such an
> opinion kinda thing I would be reluctant.

Well, since UbStu already ships only an rt-kernel and does about everything else, why not do this as well?

> > By default, the alsa-pcm level is set to 80%, does that make sense
> > or serve a certain purpose?
> >   
> I'm not sure. I'll leave this for others.

I guess it is default in ubuntu but I'm not sure about the reason.

> > Some menu items don't have a 'tool tip', example: pure data.
> >   
> That's an upstream bug. Please file.

By 'tool tip' I meant the tool tip in the main menu. The thing that gives a short description on the application.
I noticed the lack of such a tool tip for:
Jack time machine

> > Rants and stuff for Intrepid:
> >
> > IMHO the colours aren't any good, they cause problems in
> > readability, have low contrast and don't serve a purpose besides
> > 'being cool', and that is up to debate.
> >   
> It does serve a purpose. The theme has come from the fact that Pro
> multimedia apps often use like colors. Our theme is under constant
> work and we do what we can. It will not change from the dark, "Pro"
> look. ;) Fixes that don't break other apps are welcome.

Well, the dark makes the apps a lot more pro for sure...

> > I don't like the menu structure, I'd love to see it more geared
> > towards fast access. I'd like more categories in a flatter
> > hierarchy. 
> The current structure was the best effort from long ML chats. You're
> free to make a proposal.

What form would be best for that?

> > After using ubuntu studio since it's there I'd really like to have
> > an official abbreviation, a two-or-so letter acronym.
> > Writing Ubuntu Studio as a whole all the time sucks.
> >   
> "Officially" it's Ubuntu Studio or ubuntustudio in packages. Never
> hyphenated. But in the end, do what ya like. :P

Yeah, I'll try to come up with some that are even more stupid than UbStu and use them at random to further confusion.

> > It would be somehow nice to have Information on the applications
> > available. Documentation? How's the status?
> >   
> This is on the wiki. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio

I thought there was someone leading a documentation team, I wonder about the status of that.

Best Regards,

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