Ubuntu Studio report

Cory K. coryisatm at ubuntu.com
Thu Apr 3 16:50:14 BST 2008

hollunder at gmx.at wrote:
> Thanks for guidance... don't complain if the report is not to your
> liking.
> Bugs and issues, Ubuntu Studio related:
> The colour set still causes problems, klick any of the 'unlock' buttons
> and on 'advanced' or whatever it was, and you will see a dark-blue link
> on dark-grey background, unreadable.

I'm not sure what you mean. Steps to reproduce?

> Also, there happen to be websites where drop-down menus (I mean
> something like a font combo box) are dark-grey in background with black
> letters, the same old unreadable stuff.

We can't be responsible for apps that use GTK in non-standard ways. This
is a BIG deal and I have a running list of bugs to submit to upstreams.

> I noticed that the ubuntu studio theme has the black background as
> default, not one of the custom made ones.

I'm not seeing this at all. Could you be more specific?

> jackd could have saner default settings, for example the rt-option
> could be set as default, periods to 3, .. whatever.

Might be something we could do foe Intrepid *but* this is such an
opinion kinda thing I would be reluctant.

> By default, the alsa-pcm level is set to 80%, does that make sense or
> serve a certain purpose?

I'm not sure. I'll leave this for others.

> Some menu items don't have a 'tool tip', example: pure data.
That's an upstream bug. Please file.

> Rants and stuff for Intrepid:
> IMHO the colours aren't any good, they cause problems in readability,
> have low contrast and don't serve a purpose besides 'being cool', and
> that is up to debate.

It does serve a purpose. The theme has come from the fact that Pro
multimedia apps often use like colors. Our theme is under constant work
and we do what we can. It will not change from the dark, "Pro" look. ;)
Fixes that don't break other apps are welcome.

> I don't like the menu structure, I'd love to see it more geared towards
> fast access. I'd like more categories in a flatter hierarchy.

The current structure was the best effort from long ML chats. You're
free to make a proposal.

> After using ubuntu studio since it's there I'd really like to have an
> official abbreviation, a two-or-so letter acronym.
> Writing Ubuntu Studio as a whole all the time sucks.

"Officially" it's Ubuntu Studio or ubuntustudio in packages. Never
hyphenated. But in the end, do what ya like. :P

> It would be somehow nice to have Information on the applications
> available. Documentation? How's the status?

This is on the wiki. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio

> Some other bugs I encountered and haven't reported yet:
> 'Clock Preferences' -> 'Time Settings' -> 'Set System Time' just gave
> me an authentication dialogue that wasn't in the foreground and
> therefore invisible, which rendered everything unusable until one
> blindly enters the password. It didn't do anything thereafter.
> 'About me' doesn't come up. 'There was an error while trying to get the
> addressbook information Evolution Data Server can't handle the protocol'
> General Rant:
> The now easy x-server configuration makes my life harder, since
> 'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg' doesn't include monitor options (and I
> think keyboard settings) anymore. Which means that I have to hand-edit
> xorg.conf to get a higher resolution than 1024x768.
> Also, the keyboard settings during install appear to have been stripped
> down, so I couldn't select my language-sub-layout.

^^^ All stuff best left to Ubuntu and upstreams. ^^^

> In case you're still reading that: Thank you, nice work, it's good to
> have this distro.


-Cory \m/

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