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Sun Sep 23 21:42:57 BST 2007

qjackctl and opening up a session in ardour):
- add a new track
- go into the mixer  (can't remember which menu item, keyboard
shortcut is ctl-m I think)
- click the input button for that track
- select "alsa:pcm 1" (or something like that) as the input for the track
- hit the record button

(as I said, I don't have ardour in front of me at the moment so those
steps are possibly a little off)

Then if you make a sound through your mic you should see the level
indicator on the mixer move. If you also hear a sound, great, if not,
then ardour's output is not being routed to alsa (if you get that far
with no sound post again). If the level indicator doesn't move then
the routing is not correct (try the steps above first, then post again
if it doesn't work or make sense).

Might be worth describing the steps you've gone through eg. started
jack via qjackctl, started ardour, created a new session, etc. etc.
will make it easier to work out where the problem might be.


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