convert dv to 'internet video' format

Mark Stuart Burge mark at
Fri Sep 28 14:49:27 BST 2007

Hey folks,

Thanks for all the kind remarks previously posted.

I have a question about dv editing if anyone can help ..

What would be the best approach (for a newbie) to edit dv (doesn't have 
to be a bells and whistles editor- just something like ms moviemaker) 
and then convert it to a format suitable for uploading to a site like 
you-tube ?

I had tried cinellera, rendering to 320 with various formats, but each 
time the picture comes out blocky with bright colors, like magenta, green.

There must me something I am doing wrong in the configuration, so I 
thought I would ask you all on the off chance someone has some settings 
that work for them.

My hope is for a generic solution that would work on more than just 
ubuntustudio, so I can pass it on to others, but I am up for anything 
right now.

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