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Wed Sep 26 15:41:46 BST 2007


I don't think we see responses like this enough on community lists.  If someone makes an error similar to yours, they normally get stubborn and end up being self-exiled from the project (purely because no-one then listens to them, and they make a few enemies).

I for one understand your angle, and appreciate your apology (despite not having any of the work myself though.)

I would guess most other community members would also accept the apology.

Welcome to a new-beginning :)


On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 09:40:00 -0500, Mark Stuart Burge <mark at> wrote:
> I was one of the people who didn't like the choice of graphics and
> voiced my opinion when the question was asked.
> However, I have since then, realized that it can be really hurtful to
> the person who spent several hours, days or even weeks trying to come up
> with some graphics for us to choose from, that could be given away for
> free for us all to use.
> Putting that into context humbles me and I feel so bad for the way I
> originally responded.
> So I recommend to anyone else who doesn't like the choice presented on
> this or any future occasion, to reflect on this and remember, that
> without the kind efforts of these few people, there would be no choice,
> and little chance of continued development of ubuntustudio.
> Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the success of
> ubuntustudio, and please, don't be dis-heartened by the negative comments.
> I wish I had the talent and skills necessary to contribute !!
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