choose gutsy's ubuntu studio art

Tipton, Timothy Timothy.Tipton at
Wed Sep 26 14:03:24 BST 2007

>>if you can cope with the responses than you should indeed not ask the 
>>list for opinion. what you proposed is not an improvement over
>>ubuntu studio art, it looks really bad and it hurts the eye.

I whole heartedly disagree with you; I sincerely hope that we continue
to get to have a choice and have our voice heard. _YOUR_ opinion is that
it "looks bad and it hurts the eye." _MY_ opinion is that it is very
cool and abstract which is exactly what it should be for Ubuntu Studio.
I like the flames better - that's what I voted for, most people like
"Lights" better, so it was decided that it would be the default - I am
not complaining, because I know I have the choice to change it back to
"Flame" once it comes out.

If we have no choice, why the heck are we using Linux or Open Source in
the first place?!

Cory, thanks for giving us the opportunity to voice our opinion!

God Bless,

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