Perparing for a presentation on Ubuntu Studio

Mark Stuart Burge mark at
Mon Sep 24 18:16:23 BST 2007

I have got into the habbit of using rosegarden to import midi.
I recently plugged in hexter as the gm device and saved the studio as 
the default studio, so every time I open rosegarden, it automatically 
loads hexter as the default gm device, so I get my simple piano 
available to bang out a melody from my midi keyboard as soon as it arrives.

With jack, I have saved a patchbay config for each song I work on.
With zynaddsubfx (which is also in my default studio in rosegarden) I 
save a parameters file for each song.
With ardour, session management is handled automatically, so that just 
works nicely.
With JackRack, again, you can load a rack for each song.

As Ardour creates a folder for each session or song, I simple save all 
of these settings files in that folder, so it is easy to migrate.

So when I open a song to continue working on, I just load each config 
file into the multiple programs and I am up and running again.

I guess this is what lash is supposed to do, but I haven't tried it yet.

Tim-Bot wrote:
> i think it would be nice if one of you Linux super geniuses could make 
> a program or something that could snapshot what apps and apps settings 
> and connections thru jack and what songs open and such, then there 
> could be a quick load of the environment. hope that makes sense and 
> that it sparks someones interests that is capable of such funness... 
> because as of yet, i am not B(

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