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Paul DeShaw zaltar at
Mon Sep 24 05:05:37 BST 2007


Before annoying you with questions that have been asked before, is there a way to search the archives, other than just scanning them visually?

I have been fooling around with Linux audio for over a year, and have not been able to produce anything, because I can't get JACK, ALSA, the apps, and the hardware all working together.  I also have a MacBook-based Pro Tools setup, and was hoping to use the same interface for both systems, to save money, which is scarce.

Pro Tools is so bloated, buggy, and expensive that I would _love_ to abandon it, at least for personal projects.

FWIW I am also on linux-audio-users, and frequent Ubuntu forums.  I find audio questions are so diffused throughout the Ubuntu forums that it's hard to get your question seen by the person who can answer it.  I was hoping if I got to a place where audio geeks congregate I could get the information I need.

--Paul in Seattle

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