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Herman Sal schrieb:
> Hi:
> Something very important is missing in UbuntuStudio and that is the
> posibility to work with MIDI- files.

There is a plethora of programs to work with MIDI-files, from
scoreeditors like the one in Rosegarden or Canorus to sequencers like
Seq24 or Muse.

> To find what is missing, you need more knowledge about linux than most
> windows users do.
> The programs are there, but not the «instruments». Anyway, I cant' get
> any kind of sound from for exemple «Rosegarden».

looks like the good old
"no-gm-soundfontplayer-is-installed-and-configured-out-of-the-box"-Problem .

To make the examples for RG play you can do a lot of different things,
the most easy one is to open the instrument-manager of RG and load the
dssi-fluidsynth-plugin. Then load a GM-Soundfont of your choice in it
and set the tracks to play it by right-klick. You can also start qsynth,
load a GM-Font and tell RG to send its notes to it.
I prefer to let it play my own sounds and samples in Zynaddsubfx, AMS,
Specimen or in its DSSI-Plugins....

Linux is modularized: you can/must connect everything you want to use to
each other. Sequencers to Instruments, Instrumets to FX, FX to
HD-Recorders and so on. Anything is possible, oce you know, how it ticks
 there are no limits anymore :-)

> Herman
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