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Hello everybody,

I am a graduate student at the University of Miami (studying electronic music).  I have installed Ubuntu Studio on our pc in the electronic music studio, and in order to help myself learn about audio creation and editing in linux, am going to do a presentation on linux audio and Ubuntu studio in one of my classes.  So first, I want to say thanks to all the UbuntuStudio developers for putting together a great package!  I've been dabbling in linux for several years now, and have always been frustrated when attempting to piece together all the necessary pieces of the audio linux puzzle myself.  

Anyways, I have a few questions I am hoping some of you could help me with.  First, I want to get a better picture of exactly how ALSA and Jack work so I can better understand how linux processes audio and how applications can send audio information to and from each other (which I believe is one of the main purposes of Jack).  I am confused as there seem to be many different ways linux processes audio like why we have things like Gnome's ESD, ALSA, Jack, and other things like Gstreamer and aRTS.  Second, does anyone have any ideas on where they think linux audio really shines and/or areas it is still lacking?  I am trying to get a good overall picture of what can be done here and anyone with more experience than me might be able to give me some insight here.  Finally, are there any strong audio applications that run in Linux that were not included in Ubuntu studio, or does it come with all the best one already?

I realize this is a bit of information I'm asking for, but if anybody could at least point me in the right direction (faqs, howtos, manuals, etc) I would greatly appreciate it!


Ben Shewmaker

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