ubuntu studio theme

Oliver Oli oliver.oli at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 11:51:03 BST 2007


i'm running ubuntu studio and quite happy with it, but i had to change 
the UbuntuStudio theme to Clearlooks. on a first glance i liked the 
UbuntuStudio theme, but it has some quirks that getting more annoying 
over time:

it's a little bit too dark

the title and tools bars are too glossy and OS-X / Web 2.0 style gets 
slowly boring (for my taste). it does not blend well with the rest of 
the GUI.

why are the edges round at the top and square-cut at the bottom of a 
window? doesn't feel right.

firefox looks odd with the theme.

but the thing which bugs me moist are the "grayed out" fonts (which are 
gray and white). they are uncomfortable to read.

there are also some quirks in the toolbars which are hard to describe. i 
could take screenshots and mark seem, if there is interest.

it's nothing that couldn't be easily fixed, so my question is: will 
there be improvements to the theme, or is there a new version that is 
already available?

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