Ubuntu-Studio-users Digest, Vol 5, Issue 9

Rafael Francisco Compte Mosquera rfcompte at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 06:17:13 BST 2007

Hi, I am kind of a newbie in linux. I like to learn new things and being a
musician it was very stimulating and great challenge (because I only knew
Windows) to wipe out my Windows XP and install Ubuntustudio 7.04, which I
find incredibly powerful. All my knowledge of linux (which is still very
limited) has come from digging dip in the manuals , help files and forums on
the web, and now I think I am able to do much better when it comes to do the
things I need to do with my computer. As someone else posted "in theory" one
should use gksudo. Why is this? I have used sudo whitout an issue when I
needed to do something as root. But I didn-t know about gksudo. Can anybody
explain the difference?

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