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Cory K. coryisatm at nc.rr.com
Tue Sep 4 13:22:13 BST 2007

Hartmut Noack wrote:
> sorry for reading this too late, so I have asked again in anothher post
> for things you have answered in this mail  :-)
> Luis de Bethencourt schrieb:
> > The problem can't be scaled. The bandwidth of the traffic of the
> > Ubuntu Studio website is huge, none of us has such an internet
> > connection at home. And that means expensive hosting services, too
> > expensive for volunteers. But we are working in making the web hosting
> > stable and solid.
> > Just remember how many mirrors were knocked down when Gutsy release
> > came out to appreciate the magnitude of bandwidth we need.
> That a site as popular as ubuntu.com is down for a day is
> understandable. But for weeks, while other sections of the site are
> running perfectly well....

This has nothing to do with us as Canonical runs the Ubuntu site not
ours. We had very limited resources and was part of our issue. It will
be resolved soon.

We will keep you in mind if any other help is needed.

> > As Cory has stated the daily news/contact channels are irc and this
> > mailing list. And you are invited to ask anytime these type of
> > questions arise, as you have done this time. Unfortunately the thread
> > started with the wrong foot. But the questions you had wondering in
> > your head some time ago could have been asked in that moment as well.
> > The website is a more general based information and hosting place.
> Yeah - maybe it´ s just me: I am used to get my infos from websites and
> fora first. Many many beginners are also (many do not even run a
> mailclient  but use  webmail only).
> > We keep the Ubuntu-esc way of doing things. I understand you feel out
> > of place among standard desktop users, and that is why we have a
> > Multimedia Production section in the Ubuntu Forums. If we had an
> > independant forum I'm sure most questions would be in the standard
> > desktop user line. The Ubuntu Forums offer us a nice filter of getting
> > that out of the why, 99% of the time people know to ask in other
> > sections, but still for that 1% we can and we do move the threads to
> > where they should go as we are admins.
> I often have the impression, that questions regarding ubuntustudio are
> scattered all over the forums and that many questions remain unanswered
> since they drown in threads filled with questions about MP3-Support,
> youtube and the like.

The thing is I feel outside of "Multimedia Production" there are NO
Ubuntu Studio specific questions. If you have a problem with your GFX
card, thats the same answer as if you're running Ubuntu. The other point
of the single "Multimedia Production" and not a whole other forum was to
not duplicate the same info. If we had our own forum people would surely
ask "How do I change my icons?" Thats the type of info that is covered
100 times over in the forum and is what we are trying to avoid.

I'm sorry you don't feel at home but this is simply how it is.

> > This situation is going to change by the new Canonical technology of
> > Personal Package Archives. Just out of the oven versions of software
> > like you mention will be available in personal/team launchpad archives
> > (maybe Ubuntu Studio Dev Team, maybe ardour maintainer) as an example,
> > without having to touch Universe and all what Universe means/brings.
> This sounds very promising! :-)

Sorry to contradict Luis here but don't take this to mean that there
will be up-to-the-second versions of popular apps in a Ubuntu Studio repo.

> >>> best reg.
> >>>
> >>> HZN

This isn't meant mean at all but you're arguing things that simply won't

Our official support forum will stay @ UbuntuForums.
Bleeding edge packages will never be available from the repos.
We provide the place, #ubuntustudio and the ubuntu-studio-users ML are
what you guys make it. Its the place for you guys to help each other.

So please take this for what it is and not keep dragging this thread
out. ;) The same info is being repeated. Its done.

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