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sorry for reading this too late, so I have asked again in anothher post
for things you have answered in this mail  :-)

Luis de Bethencourt schrieb:

> The problem can't be scaled. The bandwidth of the traffic of the
> Ubuntu Studio website is huge, none of us has such an internet
> connection at home. And that means expensive hosting services, too
> expensive for volunteers. But we are working in making the web hosting
> stable and solid.
> Just remember how many mirrors were knocked down when Gutsy release
> came out to appreciate the magnitude of bandwidth we need.

That a site as popular as ubuntu.com is down for a day is
understandable. But for weeks, while other sections of the site are
running perfectly well....

> As Cory has stated the daily news/contact channels are irc and this
> mailing list. And you are invited to ask anytime these type of
> questions arise, as you have done this time. Unfortunately the thread
> started with the wrong foot. But the questions you had wondering in
> your head some time ago could have been asked in that moment as well.
> The website is a more general based information and hosting place.

Yeah - maybe it´ s just me: I am used to get my infos from websites and
fora first. Many many beginners are also (many do not even run a
mailclient  but use  webmail only).

> We keep the Ubuntu-esc way of doing things. I understand you feel out
> of place among standard desktop users, and that is why we have a
> Multimedia Production section in the Ubuntu Forums. If we had an
> independant forum I'm sure most questions would be in the standard
> desktop user line. The Ubuntu Forums offer us a nice filter of getting
> that out of the why, 99% of the time people know to ask in other
> sections, but still for that 1% we can and we do move the threads to
> where they should go as we are admins.

I often have the impression, that questions regarding ubuntustudio are
scattered all over the forums and that many questions remain unanswered
since they drown in threads filled with questions about MP3-Support,
youtube and the like.

> This situation is going to change by the new Canonical technology of
> Personal Package Archives. Just out of the oven versions of software
> like you mention will be available in personal/team launchpad archives
> (maybe Ubuntu Studio Dev Team, maybe ardour maintainer) as an example,
> without having to touch Universe and all what Universe means/brings.

This sounds very promising! :-)

>>> best reg.
>>> HZN
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