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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Tue Sep 4 00:05:22 BST 2007

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Cory K. schrieb:
> Hartmut Noack wrote:

>> I back that: What is up with your communication? Any need for help?
> As was said in a earlier post, the word was put out. We (The Ubuntu
> Studio team) can only do so much. Users also need to spread the word.

Allright - I get it :-)

Still there is something -- well let us say:  suboptimal with the
communication if such discussions arise.

Expect this list (that is not that extremely vivid) there is no central
meeting-point for the users. The Website is not updated in Months, there
is a perferct place for announcements anybody can find easily and it is
not used.
Still I vote for a special Ubuntustudio-Forum also. The normal
Ubuntuforums are as unusable to maintain a fluent communication with the
users as the Canonincal Repositories are inadequate to host all  needed
packages in versions that are recent enough to be usable (Ardour needs
to be upgraded every single time its sources are upgraded by Pauls team,
same thing with Rosegarden, Muse, you name it...).

So again: is there need for help? I would be honoured to give a hand :-)

best regards

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