I have a question...

Cory K. coryisatm at nc.rr.com
Mon Sep 3 13:57:25 BST 2007

Hartmut Noack wrote:
> CD Baric schrieb:
> > WTF happened to ubuntustudio.org these last 4+ weeks?
> > WTF happened to your presence on freenode?
> > Why wasn't there some announcement to let people know what was
> happening?
> > Why did week after week go by with no explanation?
> > Those are questions I would like answered.
> > CD Baric
> I back that: What is up with your communication? Any need for help?
As was said in a earlier post, the word was put out. We (The Ubuntu
Studio team) can only do so much. Users also need to spread the word.

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